Mo 29. January
18.00  Hiiumaa Cinema: "Pilvede all. Neljas õde" in Kärdla culture centre 
20.00  Hiiumaa Cinema: "Pilvede all. Neljas õde" in Kärdla culture centre

Tu 30. January
18.30  Swimming competition 5th stage in Käina sports centre

We 31. January
16.00   Hiiumaa Cinema: animation "Tall Tales: The Magical Garden" in Kärdla culture centre
17.30   Hiiumaa Cinema: "Going vertical" in Kärdla culture centre
20.00   Hiiumaa Cinema: "Pilvede all. Neljas õde" in Kärdla culture centre

Tu 6. February
Concert tour "Silence" with Kalle Sepp and Mikk Tammepõld in Kärdla culture centre

Tu 13. February
Shrove Tuesday in Ristna

Sa 17. February
Ice Fishing Festival in Orjaku marina
Ice fishing Festival Running Race

Sa 24. February
Ski marathon in Leemeti
12.00  Estonia 100 Hiking Day

Th 1. March
19.00  Concert of Trad Attack in Kärdla culture centre

We 7. March
19.00  Concert of Naised Köögis in Kärdla culture centre

9.-10. March
Hiiumaa Theatre Days

21.-23. March
Tiina Dance Studio performances in Kärdla culture centre

We 18. April
Running event Circulating spring in Kärdla park

Sa 28. April 
Open Fishing Harbours Day in Salinõmme harbour

Tu 1. May
Kärdla Day

Th 15. May
Opening of the 5th season of Kassari's Cultural Thursdays

Sa 19. May
European Night of Museums: Party In the Night

Fr 25. May 
10th Annual Hiiumaa Soap Box Derby in Kärdla

Sa 26. May 
Garfish festival in Orjaku marina

Fr 1. June
Children's Day event in Kõrgessaare

Sa 2. June
Hiiumaa Marathon in Kassari

Su 3. June
Hiiumaa Dance Festival in Suuremõisa

Sa 9. June
Hiiumaa Children's Festival
Hiiumaa-Saarema Tug of War in Sõru marina
Hiiumaa Strongman Competition in Sõru marina

14.-17. June
Sõru Jazz festival 2018

13.-15. July
20th Hiiumaa Chamber Music Days

Sa 14 July
Handicraft Fair in Kärdla
Luidja Triathlon

19.-22. July
Hiiu Folk music festival