Saturday 1. May
Kärdla Day

Sa 22. May
Spring Fair of Hiiumaa in Kärdla

Sa 29. May
Windfish festival in Orjaku harbour
Garfish, or windfish as locals call it, is an infrequent quest on our shore – coming with southwest winds for a month to spawn here. Festival programme consists of trolling competition (with over 350 participants in 100 boats); fishmarket; competition of best fish dish; all day programme of local performers; activities for children, workshops and dance evening with live music.

Kõrgessaare Cycling Race

Sa 5. June
Children's festival in Kärdla

17-20 June
SÕRU JAZZ festival
Sõru Jazz is a summer jazz-music festival with a cosy atmosphere, and it brings a number of well-known and acknowledged Estonian musicians to Hiiumaa for three days. In addition to good music and company, Hiiumaa itself is an asset with its beautiful ports and lovely people, all of which has become the phenomenon of Sõru Jazz and given people a reason to come back here year after year. Hiiumaa has, without a doubt, the best wind, sea, and sun in Estonia – if the weather is nice, you can enjoy the concerts outside, on the grass.


Sa 4. July
19.00 Culture festival Tahkuna Briis
Culture festival inside and around Tahkuna lighthouse, focusing on music, arts and nature.

Sa 10. July
Fishers' Day Hiiumaa 2020
The biggest family event of Hiiumaa "Fishers' Day Hiiumaa 2020" brings together the best of local food and Estonian music scene! The event is free for everyone!

16.-19. July
XVI Hiiumaa Folk Music Festival
Hiiu Folk is a family-friendly folk music festival, which includes concerts and workshops as well as involves all of the regions of Hiiumaa: Käina, Kõrgessaare, Pühalepa, Emmaste, and Kärdla. The main emphasis of the festival is on Estonian folk music, but performers from outside Estonia will also perform there. The festival has been taking place since 2005 and has already expanded to the whole island of Hiiumaa. At the festival, you can hear folk tradition, learn old Estonian dances, play different instruments, sing, and participate in the nature hikes that introduce Hiiumaa.

Fr 17. July
G. P. Telemann´s comic opera "PIMPINONE" (Opera Veto) in Soonlepa

Sa 18. July
E. W. Ferrari´s comic opera "IL SEGRETO DI SUSANNA / SUSANNA`S SECRET" in Soonlepa
Newly-weds Gil and Susanna learn a little more about each other in Wolf-Ferrari’s delicious 1909 farce of marital mistrust and modern manners.

Sa 25 July
The one hour run in Hiiumaa
The One Hour Run, held in Hiiumaa at the Kärdla stadium third time is a good chance to compete with others and with yourself, how many meters you are able to run during one hour.

31. July-1. August
Champagne weekend in Hiiumaa 
Probably the best selection of champagne and sparkling wine accompanied with good music, food and happy people on paradise island Hiiumaa.

7.-9. August
IX Pühalepa Music Festival in Pühalepa church
IX Pühalepa Music Festival is dedicated to Estonian composer Veljo Tormis - his 90th anniversary is exactly on the opening day of the festival (August 7). Also, we celebrate 85 years birthday of composer Arvo Pärt and Erkki-Sven Tüür´s music will be represented as well.

Sa 8. August
9.00-19.00 63rd Hiiumaa volleyball tournament in Kärdla

Sa 15. August
20.30 "Hiiumaa 3rd Night singing party" in Käina
Hiiumaa night singing party is an event where people from Hiiumaa and friends of Hiiumaa sing together. Every year is a little different than the last. This year we will try to unify the islands of Estonia. We will invite people to sing from Estonian islands.

Sa 22. August
12.00 Hiiumaa's fish and beer festival in Kassari

Sa 29. August
11.00-15.00 Allika flea market in Allika street Kärdla
The Night of Ancient Bonfires

19.-20. September
Hiiumaa 59'th Cup in Orienteering in Kalana
2-days orienteering competition

Sa 26. September
13.00 Tahkuna Trail Run
The most popular trail run competition in island Hiiumaa is taking place in Tahkuna which is the northern part of island. Start and finish area is close to the lighthouse. Competitors will enjoy the views of sea and forest during running or hiking. Competitors can choose between short (approximately 5 km), long (approximately 9 km) or kid run (approximately 300 m) distances.