Mo 22. October
16.00  Orienteering event "Candyrun" starting from Käina sports centre
19.00 Hiiumaa Cinema: Estonian movie "Take it or leave it" in Käina culture centre 

Tu 23. October
18.00  Concert of Vincent Cortois Trio from France in Käina culture centre 

We 24. October
18.00  Movie night in Champagne bar Kork: "Becoming Astrid"

Fr 26. October
18.00-20.00 Water disco in Käina swimming pool. DJ Maier

Sa 27. October
18.00 U16 Football match FC Hiiumaa vs Paide City team in Kärdla stadium

Su 28. October
13.00 Hiiumaa Cinema: "Smallfoot" 3D in Kärdla culture centre
15.00 Hiiumaa Cinema: "First Man" in Kärdla culture centre
17.30 Hiiumaa Cinema: "Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh" in Kärdla culture centre

We 31. Oktoober
16.00  Hiiumaa Cinema: "Smallfoot" Kärdla in culture centre
18.00 Hiiumaa Cinema: "Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh" in Kärdla culture centre 
20.00 Hiiumaa Cinema: "First Man" in Kärdla culture centre 

Fr 2. November
All Souls´day concert in Kõrgessaare

Su 2. December
First Advent celebrations all over Hiiumaa

Su 30. December
Holiday season concert of Jaan Tätte in Orjaku village hall


Tu 1. January 2019
0.15-3.00 New year party in Kärdla culture centre

Su 6. January 2019
Traditional burning of Christmas trees in Emmaste

Sa 16. February 2019
2nd Annual IceFish Festival in Orjaku marina

Sa 16. March 2019
Hiiumaa School theatres day

We 20. March 2019
Spring Concert of Hiiumaa folk dancers in Kõrgessaare

Sa 18. May 2019
Spring fair of Hiiumaa

Su 26. May 2019
Spring concert of TT dance studio

Sa 1. June 2019
Hiiumaa Children's festival

13.-16. June 2019
Sõru Jazz festival XII

Sa 22. June 2019
Kõrgessaare midsummer running competition
Midsummer's Eve in Kõrgessaare

Su 23. June 2019
Kõrgessaare basketball tournament
Midsummer's Eve in Kärdla

18.-21 July 2019
XV Hiiu Folk music festival

26.-28. July 2019
Hiiumaa Homecoming Music Festival

L 10. august 2019
62. annual Hiiumaa volleyball tournament in Kärdla

L 17. august 2019
Hiiumaa flatfish festival
Hiiu fish and beer festival in Kassari

L 21. september 2019
Hiiumaa autumn fair